Board of Directors


Monica Jensen
G & M Distributors

Monica served on the Special Events Committee throughout the 2011 year and loved getting involved and wanted to do more. She believes it is a wonderful feeling to help bring an event to fruition and have it be successful because of the collective efforts of a group, and is proud to give back to a community that supports its residents every day.  She joined the board in 2012, as a Member at Large and is now President.


Steve Wilder

Steve joined the Board in 2017 because he wanted to reach out and contribute more to our community. His extensive experiences as Superintendent in the CUSD #202 bring forth his holistic leadership skills to the Board.




David Adams
Gatehouse Media

David joined the board in 2018 after getting involved with United Way in Pensacola, Memphis, Tucson and Springfield as a donor and volunteer in 2008. His constant efforts to be present and work with the organisation led him to become a Board Member. David feels that his membership allows him an opportunity to serve and give back to the community and those that need assistance and support



Rodney Grimes

As a Pastor of a local church and a tenured employee of one of Knox County’s biggest employers, Rodney offers a unique perspective on partnerships between local businesses and non-for-profit organizations.  This ideal partnership exudes community support and maintains the community vibrancy for years to come.  As a board member with this collaborative effort in mind, Rodney, is looking for this opportunity to effectively address the social concerns within the Knox County community.



Robby Dunn
Past President
Dave's Autobody

Robby joined the United Way of Knox County Board in 2015 and is currently Past President. He works both at Dave’s Autobody and Masters Educational Services. He believes strongly in the mission of the United Way, and is excited to assist the organization and its partner agencies in any way he is able.




Kat Cochrane
Campaign Chair
OSF Healthcare

Kat participated in the United Way Allocations Panel in 2017 and was inspired to get more involved with the organisation. Her long-standing experience of 14 years at 0SF Healthcare are testament to her dedication. Kat wanted to get involved with UWKC to find more outlets to get involved with community service.



Todd Ettinger
Allocations Chair

Todd became a Board Member in 2018 but his work with United Way extends back 14 years when he started volunteeing for agency visits during the allocations process. He believes in United Way's presence as a great community resource that benefits countless people through fundraising and volunteerism. Todd personally believes in using the tools of financial support and volunteering to help those that are less fortunate and that is why he joined the board to continue his efforts in a more focused manner.



Bradley Hix
Member at Large
Century 21
Bradley joined the Board in 2018 because he wanted to help the community and those who are in need of his and United Way's services.



Brian Peterson
Member at Large
Simpson Peterson

Brian joined the board of directors in 2014.  He has served as secretary and is currently treasurer, serving on the Finance and Endowment Committees.  He is an attorney at Simpson Peterson. He became familiar with the United Way of Knox County when he moved to Galesburg two years ago and began seeking ways to become involved with the community.  He became a United Way board member so he could help contribute to an organization which is dedicated to helping improve Knox County communities.



Carol Hagan
Member at Large

Carol has lived all her life in Galesburg. She graduated from GHS & attended CSC. After 35 years in banking she recently retired from First Midwest Bank. She became a board member in 2015.  She was the 2016 Campaign Coordinator. Carol is currently on the CSC Foundation Board, a member of Galesburg Noon Lions & Elks Club. She attends the First Presbyterian Church & has chaired a number of committees for all of them.



Hillary Kelly
Member at Large
First Mid Bank & Trust

Hillary's commitement shows in her presence in the last 8 years within the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Knox County as a consistent volunteer and Big. She has also served on their Satellite Board and wanted to take her love for serving the community a step further and became involved with United Way. She has always supported UWKC financially but now she wanted to be more involved and thought that there was no better opportunity than serving on the Board of Directors.



Jason Miller
Member at Large
IH Mississipi Valley Credit Union

Jason joined the Board in 2019 and had been familiar with United Way's work through an employer from several years ago. His experience in working for his job for the past 9.5 years is vital to the innovation of UWKC. Jason joined the Board because he wanted to share his enthusiam to serve the community through an official outlet.



Judy Haalboom
Member at Large
First Midwest Bank

Judy became a member of the Board after experiencing the impact United Way and member agencies had on the community when she worked for Allocations several years ago. She has been heavily involved in serving the community as a 5 year treasurer for the Red Cross Board and working for the Knox County YMCA. Judy wanted to extend her influence to UWKC and be a part of all the good things it does so she joined the Board of Directors.



Misty Lyon
Member at Large
Carl Sandburg College

Misty has served in the Carl Sandburg College for the past 16 years and her dedication is evident from her immense involvement in the college as a Dean of Student Success. She has worked for United Way sponsored employers in the past and wanted to expand her experience so she got involved with the Board.



Scott Bloom
Member at Large
F&M Bank
Scott joined the Board in 2019 after having an evolving relationship with United Way over the years: he contribited from paychecks as a donor and also helped in fundraising initiatives in Bloomington and Princeton (his previous place of residence). Scott's motivation to join the Board came from wanting to contibute more of his time and talents to make the community a better place for all.